Wednesday, 18 January 2012

images for the folio society competition THE BLOODY CHAMBER

I tried hard to make these images romantic instead of bloody and terrifying, although they are from Gothic stories. Anyway, I applied dark color on every image in order to make them look vintage and classic.  I like creating portraits and detailed paintings, that is what I continue to do in this set of illustrations.

 Here are the images:

     This one is the binding design, it is not the final piece, and my inspiration comes from the COMPANY OF WOLVES, in this story, there are deep thoughts about the soul of beast and the soul of human beings. I create such illustration to show that there are transformation between broken human soul and the beasts' soul, and only "fresh meat can bring them peace." (words from the book)

      This image is created for the story PUSS IN BOOTS "under the moonlight, .....he, with a big hat, play old guitar for her, and all the bustle died for him, "

     This is for the BLOODY CHAMBER. "when I came back with the keys, there emanate from him a stench of absolute despair as if all the lilies all began to fester."

    This illustration is for the ACCOMPANY OF WOLVES  "the grey beasts howled among the rows of winter cabbage as she freely gave him the kiss she owned him."