Tuesday, 20 November 2012

rooftop travellers

A city boy likes to spend hours on the rooftop to play with his frog.  He has fun, but sometimes, he feel bored, bored and bored. He begin to expect something more exciting to happen. Until one day, three odd women turned up and called themselves the rooftop travelers. They only travel on the rooftop and like to show children uncanny and miracle things.
From this project, I learned sometimes illustrators should know when to stop, never fill up the whole paper, just leave some space for the audiences to breath. I think I will try to simplify these following images and make them look better!!!

rooftop can be a wonderful playground. this is a draft idea for the 
front cover of this story book

  the rooftop travelers are showing the boy some weird plants

 the three ladies are doing meditation, but the boy is too young to 
understand, he just enjoys playing with himself and his frog

 In meditation, the rooftop travelers leave the rooftop and floating
in a whole new world, the frog somehow managed to follow.
quick sketch, my course leader think this is the best image, she 
let me aware that I have learn to stop loosing in details.